Head Of French Bishops Dreams Of Women Cardinals

Rheims Archbishop Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, 58, the president of the French Bishops, incensed feminism ideology. Talking to the magazine Noosphère, he hoped, “that the Holy See will one day be led by the pope surrounded by a college of cardinals in which there will be women.”

He thinks that nothing prevents women “from holding many more important functions in the workings of the institution, with everything being a matter of competence” - as if those who want be big in the Church could achieve it through these "institutions."

He is also in favour of making up [invalidly ordained] female deacons but said at the same time that the apostolic succession of Holy Orders is reserved to men.

Speaking about Islam, Moulins-Beaufort made the correct observation that the spread of religion “relies heavily on population growth” and noticed about the Moslems that “they have a lot of children - good for them.”

Picture: Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, © Julien Spiewak, CC BY-SA, #newsZpblpycebt

Alex A
If he dreams of women cardinals, I wonder what his nightmares would reveal?
He would so love to have a woman cardinal above him so she could boss him around. Where do these guys come from?
Be Ye Separate
Why doesn't he just tell Tobin, Cupich, Dolan... to call themselves transgender unicorns.
How many people has this False Bishop led into error?