Dr. Fauci wants to vaccinate six month old babies!!! Up to half the people in his department aren't …

Not a chance, pal. Dr Anthony Fauci said that six month-old babies could be getting vaccinated against …
"Fauci on the forward .50s was a famous surfer from south of LA. One look at him and you wouldn't believe he ever went to med school in his whole life."
He should change his name to Mengle!
Poor babes that survived abortion.. still have these EVIL ones who will find another way to destroy them.When are people going to rise up and say enough! Getting worse by the day!
Roberto 55
He is satan's minion.
George Obregon
Don't you know di Fauci? —preemies have survived the Wuhan-19 virus.
/Do your homework for a change.