German Charterhouse: Already Since 2017 Under Bergoglio's Control

Pro-gay Swiss Ex-Abbot Martin Werlen was appointed by the Holy See as Apostolic Assistant of the German Charterhouse Marienau upon request of the Carthusian’s general chapter already in 2017, (February 10) writes.

The rest of the information contained in the article was already published by
- Werlen acts as de facto superior,
- he visits the monastery monthly,
- he changed the leadership,
- he disrupted the community,
- he lobbied for communion on the hand
- he introduced modernist books.

As reported, Werlen’s two most ardent opponents were exiled to the charterhouse in Slovenia, but ended up at the Society of St PiusX (SSPX) in Austria.

Picture: © mll, Flickr, CC BY-NC, #newsAslchjshsd

The Antichrist breaks everything: he is the last rotten fruit of Vatican II! But Vatican II and the Antichrist will be thrown into hell in a short time, and the Church will triumph! But few of those who read me will see it.
All recent appointments by the “Holy See” are either void or of doubtful validity until the Catholic churches grave dual papacy problem is dealt with comprehensively.
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