Tension between Israel, Palestine intensifies, UN says condition is worrisome | SW NEWS | 254 The conflict between Israeli security forces and Palestinian terrorists has intensified despite the …More
Tension between Israel, Palestine intensifies, UN says condition is worrisome | SW NEWS | 254
The conflict between Israeli security forces and Palestinian terrorists has intensified despite the appeals of various Church leaders, including the Patriarch of the Latin Church. So far, six people have died in Israel in Hamas rocket attacks while the casualties in Palestine is 43. The Israeli air strikes on Gaza and Hamas rocket attacks on Tel Aviv on Wednesday, May 12, are the deadliest since 2014. English, Welsh bishops appeal for peace in strife-torn Israel Meanwhile, on behalf of the Catholic bishops of England and Wales, Bishop Declan Lan has called for an end to the occupation, human rights violations that obstruct a stable and peaceful future for Palestinians and Israelis. The bishop, who is the chair of the International Affairs department of the episcopal conference, reiterated their commitment to the internationally recognised status of Jerusalem, the status quo of its sacred sites and the equal rights of Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Holy City. Northern Ireland court declares Catholic victims of Ballymurphy Massacre innocent Almost half a century after the infamous Ballymurphy Massacre in Belfast, a judge in Northern Ireland has ruled that the nine lay Catholics and a priest who were gunned down by British troops were innocent. So far, the British authorities had referred to the victims of the infamous incident as terrorists. Justice Siobhan Keegan delivered her findings on May 11, bringing to an end a 50-year campaign by victims’ families for justice. China removes Christian content from internet, social media The Communist government of China has stepped up its persecution against Christians. Since last month, government authorities have deleted Christian content on the internet as well as social media, including discussions on the history of the Communist Party, which go against the official narrative. Idaho in USA passes law that bans state funding for abortions In what is seen as a move that would please pro-life supporters, the Governor of the US state of Idaho has signed into law a bill that bans state funding for abortions or anyone affiliated with such services. According to Senator Christy Zito, House Bill 220 is all about state funding and what is done with the tax payers’ money. Philippines to be re-consecrated to Immaculate Heart of Mary on June 12 This year too, the Catholic bishops of the Philippines will consecrate the nation to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady and the ceremony will take place on June 12, which happens to be Independence Day, said Monsignor Bernardo Pantin, secretary of the national bishops’ conference. Mexico Church loses five bishops, 220 and 8 women religious to coronavirus Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Church in Mexico has lost five bishops, 220 priests, 11 deacons and eight women religious. Dozens of priests succumbed to the coronavirus while carrying out their pastoral work, assisting the faithful and supporting them. According to the latest report prepared by the Catholic Multimedia Center, eight women religious, six male religious and 12 deacons have died in the country after contracting the virus. Fire breaks out in Belarus cathedral, centuries-old Marian icon rescued from flames A fire broke out in the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady in Budslaw, Belarus, which is a prominent Marian sanctuary in the Eastern European nation where Catholics are a minority. Eyewitnesses say the fire started in the roof around 8 am local time causing it to collapse. However, parishioners and fire fighters were able to rescue holy objects from the cathedral, including its prized possession, which is a 16 th century icon of the Blessed Mother that is venerated by both Catholic and Orthodox believers.