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il peccato di aborto crea disturbi mentali
Ursula Sankt
James Welch: In 1974 a 15 year old freshman found out she was pregnant. She was nervous and afraid. Some whispered to abort the child. She chose life. She chose me. Her 17 year old boyfriend and father of the child got a full time job and married her. They have been married 48 years.
Alex A
In today's climate of emotion, a very good story to read.
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Laura Yunque
It shows in the behavior of the women protesting against the SCOTUS knocking out Roe. Women have become increasingly hardened, hard-hearted and unrepentant and are now demonstrating tell-tale signs of demonic oppression.
John A Cassani
For anyone with a desire to be a psychologist, look no further than Fulton Sheen, and see that the clearest way to know the human psyche is through a great love of God, and the truth of His creation. There’s no need for “The Science.”
Paco Rivera
The highest science is Theology. Theos, God and ology, the study of.