Bad Joke: Francis Denounces “Perversion”

“Please beware of worldliness, it is the door to corruption,” Francis told priests of the Pontifical Mexican College on March 29.

His public must have been amused about this warning because usually Francis has ugly things so say about those who "beware of worldliness" since worldliness is his "moral" compass.

Francis quoted a text by some Benedictine who said that “spiritual worldliness is the worst evil that can happen to the Church.” Francis added that “It is worse still than the times when popes had concubines.” He didn't explain what "spiritual worldliness" means.

Instead, he went on juggling with the term "perversion." A world-leader in promoting perversion, he didn't use the word according to common understanding but sidetracked instead, “Do not forget that clericalism is a perversion.” About real perversion he had nothing to say.

"Clericalism" is understood as a "policy of maintaining or increasing the power of a cleric." Francis despotism is a gross example for it.

Picture: © Mazur, catholicnews.org.uk CC BY-NC-ND, #newsWymhpgfvex

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J G Tasan
J G Tasan