This is cringe
Go, Candace!!! And the guy next to you!!!
White Lives Matter
Rand Miller
@De Profundis Seems more like courage to me.
De Profundis
Can you imagine a normal, healthy, Catholic society with such slogans?
John A Cassani
I agree that it’s cringe, but itworth noting that it is Candace Owens who is pictured, who is completely against BLM. She is both lampooning BLM, and being genuine with the slogan on her shirt. I just don’t think that it’s needed.
They are just trolling the progressives.
I think this is wonderful......... Candice Owens a true heroine. She's articulate, erudite and rhetorically effective. Perhaps, some don't even know who she is and what she's suffered and fought against... Philosopher gets it.
Croí Láidir
All SOULS matter.
For matter of fact what profit a man if he loses his soul 🤔
all lives matter