El Divino Niño - the Pralate

El Divino Niño - the Pralate

Veronica of America said: >> ... the Shrine was built from a Mystical experience Mother Angelica had with the Divine Child. He told her, "Build Me a Temple and I will help those who help you." << It happened in Columbia, in 1995, most likely at the El Divino Niño Shrine in Bogota. The devotion was introduced there by Fr. Rizzo in 1935. >> In a store in Bogota called Vaticano, owned by an Italian artist, Father Rizzo found a beautiful antique statue of the Christ Child. Smiling, with his little hands held out, the image was backed with a cross. In his usual easy, jocular manner, Father Rizzo said, "What! So little and already you want to crucify Him? Take off that cross and I will take it." Father also asked the artist to place the words "Yo Reinare" ("I will reign") at the base of the statue. The artist made the requested change and Father Rizzo took the statue with him back to the barrio, where he preached to the people about the favors that the Christ Child does for those who have faith and who help the poor. Here, too, he built a small chapel in honor of the Divine Child."

This incident clearly shows that Fr. Rizzo came across a statue of El Divino Niño de la Cruz in the "Vatican" store. This object of worship, in turn, dates back to the Marian apparitions received by Mother Marian de Jesús Torres in Quito, Ecuador, in 1628AD and 1634AD.

I will quote larger passages below from Our Lady of Good Success and the Christ Child crucified on Mount Pichincha by Marian Horvat to identify El Divino Niño from the apparition at the end of 1628AD:

>> Then Our Lady of Good Success carrying her Divine Infant in her right arm appeared to Mother Mariana and said:

“Lift your eyes now and look at the Pichincha Mountain, where you will see this Divine Infant Whom I carry in my arms crucified. I deliver Him to the Cross so that He might always give good successes to this Republic."

>> The Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael carried the Divine Child to Pichincha Mountain, which overlooks the city of Quito, and is surrounded only by thorn bushes bearing a delicate flower. Here the Child Jesus took the form of a boy of about 12 to 15 years of age, His expression sweetly majestic. He prostrated Himself on the ground with His arms extended as on a cross and prayed to His Eternal Father to look with favor on Ecuador.

>> A celestial light enveloped the whole mountain, and the Christ Child rose and stood before a cross with the inscription INRI at its head. On its left arm hung a crown of sharp thorns; on its right, a white stole.

The three Archangels reappeared, with St. Gabriel carrying a white Host. St. Michael bore a long white tunic speckled with stars and St. Raphael carried a mantle of a magnificent rose color unknown on this earth. The Child vested Himself in the white tunic and stole, and over them draped the magnificent mantle. Then He approached the cross, took the crown of thorns and placed it on His Head. He extended His arms and remained crucified, but without any nails appearing either on His hands or feet. Down His cheeks streamed large tears, which were gathered up by the Archangels St. Michael and st. Raphael and dispersed throughout the new nation.

He then ordered St. Gabriel to place the Host behind His head, where it became a kind of halo. Three resplendent beams of light streamed from it. On the center ray appeared the word LOVE, on the ray to His right, ECUADOR, and on the ray to His left, SPAIN. His expression reflected an intense pain, but also a serene joy to suffer for those whom He loved so dearly. As drops of blood fell from the wounds on His hands, feet and forehead, He fixed His gaze on the country and said these words: “I can do no more to show My love for you. Ungrateful souls, who repay the great love and attentions of My Heart with contempt, sacrileges and blasphemies .....

The Blessed Virgin consistently speaks of the Divine Child and not the Child Jesus, because this vision concerns another person. Our Savior was crucified as a mature man — He was literally nailed to the cross. But here we are dealing with a boy standing before the cross. Dressed in a white alb with a deacon's stole, i.e. a servant. The pinkish mantle is a distinctive attribute of Saint Joseph, and it is an anticipation of his mystical marriage to the Blessed Virgin. The angels collect his tears, not the blood, and sprinkle the faithful because it is a kind of white martyrdom, i.e. moral and spiritual. The crown of thorns is an expression of penance for the sins of the mind that will drive entire societies to extreme aberrations. The first young man to stand at (or in front of) the cross was Saint John the Evangelist, and The Apocalypse, the last book of the Bible, was given to him. This Book speaks of the Woman clothed with the Sun and her Man-Son. She gives birth to her Man-Son as Our Mother Holy Church and the sanctity of this Son results from participation in the Eucharist - therefore the sacred Host forms a halo behind his head. The Crucified Host also signifies the cessation of the Daily Sacrifice, and under such circumstances this Man-Son will appear.

In the rays around his head are the words Caritas, Spain, Ecuador, because this Son-Man is the link between the old and the new world, between the Church of Christ and the Kingdom of God on earth. Only He will bring God's universal peace on earth. Since this Man-Son is closely related to the Lord Jesus, he can say about himself like saint Paul the Apostle: "No longer I live, but Christ lives in me." That is why in the mouth of El Divino Niño were the words "I can do no more to show My love for you." These words express the final effort of the Lord Jesus to save God's children: He gives them the promised Paraclete. This is not some side event, but it lies in the mainstream of Salvation history, and therefore numerous prophecies over 2,000 years speak of it, beginning with the Revelation to John.

The cult of Our Lady of the Good Event was created simultaneously in San Francisco de Quito and in Spain. In the new world, against the backdrop of the Pichincha volcano, i.e. against the backdrop of fire, while in the old world, in the mountains of Saint Angel [of St. Matthew] on the border Valencia-Catalonia during the terrible lightning in 1607AD. The church in Puerta del Sol in Madrid became the main center of the cult of Our Lady of the Good Event in Spain. Consequently, this devotion is accompanied by fire: volcano, lightning, the sun. Why? Because it is the fire promised by the Lord Jesus [Luke 12:49], and actually the Fire, because it is a person, not an element.

In an apparition to Mother Marianna on February 2, 1634AD, the Blessed Virgin gave a more detailed description of Her Son-Man:

>> “And when they [i.e. Satan with his minions] appear triumphant and when the authority abuses my power, committing injustices and oppressing the weak, near will be their downfall. Dumbfounded, they will fall to the ground."...

“Then, joyful and triumphant, like a tender child, the Church will be reborn and will sweetly sleep, cradled in the capable arms and maternal heart of my most beloved elect son of those times, who will render himself docile to the inspirations of grace. We will fill him with graces and very special gifts; We will make him great on earth and even greater in Heaven, where We have reserved for him a most precious seat. For, without fear of man, he fought for the truth and dauntlessly defended the rights of the Church, for which he will justly be called martyr."

El Divino Niño is standing in front of the cross, this is Her MOST BELOVED ELECT SON OF THOSE TIMES, that is, of our time. He is standing in front of the cross just like the Lady of All Nations, because we are dealing with the Lord and Lady of All Nations - this couple will introduce the chosen to the God's Kingdom on earth.

When Fr. Rizzo depriving El Divino Niño of the cross freed him so that this Chosen One of Heaven could freely act. By inscribing "Yo reinare" he prophesied that this Son of the Church was destined to reign on earth.

Mother Angelica brought this Little King to Alabama, to the Sanctuary of the Blessed Sacrament, because as a Son of the Church he owes his sanctity to the Eucharist. By building in Hanceville a copy of the Sanctuary of Assisi, she rather unknowingly tied the site to El Divino Niño of Pichincha in Ecuador because this Chosen One was revealed for the first time in San Francisco de Quito. In the Poor Clares' sanctuary in Alabama, He occurs without the cross, because the time of his reign has come. Mother Angelica commissioned the statue of the Divine Child [in the main square of the Shrine] to be made in Madrid, and again, unknowingly - I suppose - she tied the American Assisi in the new world to the Our Lady of Good Event sanctuary in Europe, in the old world. All that I am telling you is consistent because it was not me who invented this story: I am only explaining the work of God's Providence.

Your meeting, dear Veronica, in Hanceville with Jesus in the person of Jonathan Roumi is also a sign that confirms my discussion here. You have met the Chosen One, this Twin of Our Lord, the Man-Son of the Apocalyptic Virgin. The name Jonathan means "YAHWEH has given" - this is the greatest Gift of the Lord Jesus for our time: "I can do no more to show My love for you." The surname Roumi simply means Roman. Jonathan's father is an Egyptian, thanks to which in this story the word of Scripture is fulfilled once again: "I called my son from Egypt" - because we are on the threshold of the revelation of the Sons of God. The plural starts with the number two, the second one is Paraclete. He's not really a Child anymore because Pichincha volcano has two peaks: Guagua [= Child] and Ruco [=Old Man], so this Chosen One is an Old Child, I suppose. Do you understand what adventure we are participating in? The best is yet to come!

August 11/12 2021, the commemoration of Saint Clare, Mother Foundress of the Poor Ladies

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