Malachin Martin was a deceiver and a traitor

He led astray most of the Catholics by cheating on his role at Vatican 2 writing under different pseudonyms in favor of this council and bad documents implemented that make lose the faith to a huge number.

He continued later to try the remnant to lose the faith by inventing a fake enthronement in the Vatican and other fictions on the basis of some informations he had access. Given what he did earlier and for whom he worked, he can't be someone reliable. One of his tactics is similar to the freemasons by getting the attention of those that understood the importance of Fatima in 1917 and its 3rd secret (one should read "The devil's final battle" from Father Kramer that is free here on pdf if one doesn't know about and it's one of the most important book to read) in order to grab their focus and to lead them to another confusion. Confusion is the main tactic of Satan in our times so that a shepherd can not find back his fold.