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Sexual Abuse as a Pretext to Attack Confession

Take away the confessionals. It will not affect the sacrament itself. Doing so is symptomatic of the times we are living in and the hole the Church has dug for itself.

How far the Catholic Church has sunk as a direct result of the sexual abuse scandal that has cost billions of dollars worldwide with an immeasurable loss of moral authority and respect that it once held. How did all this happen … 더보기
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Londoners chant "Donald Trump, we love you!" after terror attacks in London & Manchester by Muslims

Forgive my rush to judgment yesterday. Having read your latest message, I realize that I have misunderstood the intent and tenor of your previous posts. We agree completely with respect to the UN, NGOs, the EU, illegal immigrants and I suspect, although you didn't mention it, NATO as well.

As you already know NATO is responsible, directly responsible, for the huge influx of dependent, … 더보기
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Londoners chant "Donald Trump, we love you!" after terror attacks in London & Manchester by Muslims

You wrote:
Trump’s Love Affair with Saudi Arabia, The Fountainhead of Terrorism
U.S President Trump’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia, the fountainhead of terrorism, and the decision to sell $350 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, even as he preaches against terrorism, couldn’t possibly be more ironic.

Do you really believe what you wrote above, Josefine?
That quote might as well have been … 더보기
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Londoners chant "Donald Trump, we love you!" after terror attacks in London & Manchester by Muslims

Josefine, Your links (all of them) are what President Trump and conservatives in the U.S. refer to as fake news. In your case, they are all anti-Trump and by extension anti-American “news” outlets.

Try this although I am not sure if a person like you ,who has been so anti-Trump indoctrinated from your “news” sites, will profit from it.

America First
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Polish Bishops: Amoris laetitia Does Not Allow Communion For Adulterers

I have friends from Zakopane. These bishops 'get it.' No more telling demeaning Polish jokes from me.
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Londoners chant "Donald Trump, we love you!" after terror attacks in London & Manchester by Muslims


The US presidents and the European governments have plotted the wars and the terrorists
Donald Trump´s strategic ambiguity is obvious, and he walks in their footsteps.

Here's your Sputnik news, Josephine. Have you considered that there may be be a pro-commie propaganda bias in their "news."?
Sputnik was launched on 10 November 2014 by Rossiya Segodnya, an agency wholly… 더보기
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Austria? Hope nowhere by Fr Reto Nay

This article is the main reason I'm not a fan of John Allen of any of the other emasculated establishment Catholic reporters. In order to maintain accessibility to 'big cheeses' and their jobs, they write to appease their overlords (read: bishops) and do not tell the whole truth. However, he slipped when he wrote the following giving one of the reasons for the "far calmer" church now in Austria. … 더보기
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Londoners chant "Donald Trump, we love you!" after terror attacks in London & Manchester by Muslims

There are conflicting accounts of the authenticity of the video. But the following story (reported in multiple sources) is true.

London mayor calls for cancellation of Trump visit to UK

I never heard of this Taquiya spouting, filth columnist, Pakistani, pipsqueak Khan until lately but this and this is illustrative.

Islam has been at war with western values for 1400 years. London has elected … 더보기
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Archbishop Paglia Lays Out His Vision for the Pontifical Academy for Life

For the past 2 decades the Catholic Church has been embroiled in the largest sex abuse scandal in its history almost exclusively as a result of homosexuals operating repeatedly within the clergy including the episcopate. Not only has this cost the church literally billions in money damages awarded to abused plaintiffs around the world but additionally it has led to the immeasurable loss of moral … 더보기
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Breaking: Terror Alert in Notre Dame of Paris

Is that Doina from Gloria.tv in the far right back row wearing a lavender jacket and her hands up?

Full article
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Breaking: Terror Alert in Notre Dame of Paris

Gloria.tv is with a reporter inside the church.

Deus benedicat.
Keep your head down, Gloria.tv.
Photos, vids?
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Pentecost is celebration of unity in diversity, pope says

I wouldn't expect the tango dancer in the middle to know this dance move (he looks like he lost his watermelon) but the others have got it.

Raise the Roof
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Archbishop: “We Lost the Battle of Catholic Universities Long Time ago”

There are options available for the archbishop but instead he throws his hands up and surrenders saying that for him it is “very difficult to intervene in any serious way.” No guts!
American bishops have no direct authority over President Donald Trump, either; yet that doesn't stop them from making dozens of officials statements condemning his immigration … 더보기
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Vatican Cardinal Opposes Christ's Doctrine Against Christ's Person

Cardinal Beniamino Stella says that seminaries should focus on pastoral discernment and form priests to be "without rigidity, hypocrisy."

In other words, “anything goes.” If you learn one thing, remember this seminarians. "Climate change is bad - Doctrine change is good."
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Vatican Advertises Homosexual Ex-Monsignor

How in the world could this have happened in the first place?

Why take it down? Evidently $$$ trumps ideology.
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Cardinal: Stop Anti-Muslim Hate

Today, the majority of the city's (Cotabato City) population is Muslim, comprising about 80% of the population. The majority of Muslims in Cotabato City are Sunnites. The majority of Christians in Cotabato City are Roman Catholics, most of whom are Cebuanos, Ilonggos and Chavacanos. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cotabato is headed by Orlando Cardinal Quivedo.
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Tucker Carlson on the Shocking Video Planned Parenthood Doesn't Want You to See

For those who claimed, including you Democrat shill clerics, that electing Hillary Clinton would have been no different than election Donald Trump for the Pro-Life cause, note the following:

Supreme Court

President Trump's EO
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Diocese Fights Critics, Not Gay Pride

Fr Gocchini: The Church does not present herself as a judge anymore.
Gloria responds: “But why then does Gocchini judge those Catholics who protest against the Gay Pride?”

According to Fr Gocchini, the patrimony of faith is not something immutable but is in the hands of the people of God. And, The faithful have their perception of faith according to the time they live in,… 더보기
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"Sperm"-Attack on Rocco Buttiglione

Jungerheld: The thugs would supply defense when/if needed. It was not needed in Rocco's case but there are circumstances (such videos have been posted on Gloria) when the rabid pro-aborts go way over the line by destroying property and threatening or committing physical violence against the pro-lifers. Under these circumstances a little deterrent is warranted.
A minor assault takes … 더보기
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"Sperm"-Attack on Rocco Buttiglione

This is definitely one of the best videos I've ever seen on Gloria.tv.

I have 2 suggestions for 'next time.' 1) Avoid outdoor (public) venues for filming especially when dealing with highly charged/controversial subjects. However, if there are compelling reasons to film outdoors, do the filming in an area that is not so readily accessible to the hoi polloi for reasons clearly … 더보기
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LGBT - did you know?...

With the brazen and scandalous push for LGBT 'rights' occurring even within the Catholic Church led by Pope “who am I to judge” Francis, there may be some confusion over what is considered to be normal within the sexual spectrum beyond the basic XX and XY biological determination. The following is a limited clarification of what I personally regard as “Normal” as opposed to the LGBTWXYZ freak… 더보기
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Brave Priest Opposes Diocesan Gender-Policy

In depth statement from a layman in Jefferson City, Missouri:
Bishop John R. Gaydos and the Jefferson City Missouri Diocese have clandestinely instituted a policy allowing pastors to admit transgendered students to Catholic Schools. We believe this policy is not consistent with Church teaching and that it must be rescinded.
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Pope Francis On the Wrong Side of History? By Fr Reto Nay

What is the end result? I've heard various Catholic writers say that what we are witnessing is the devil's final assault on the Church. Well, if that were true is it not the Triune Godhead who permits the assault to occur?

4 Where wast thou when I laid up the foundations of the earth? tell me if thou hast understanding.

The indisputable fact is that our God permits the chaos and all other thin… 더보기
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Cardinal Tobin Personally Welcomed Homosexualist "Pilgrimage"

LGBT "Pilgrimage"

New Jersey is a Democrat stronghold voting 55% for Hillary Clinton and 41% for Donald Trump in the last election. Cardinal Tobin, emboldened by the fact that he lives in a Democrat (Read: give us your gays, illegal aliens, felons, any minority, etc. as long as they all keep voting for Democrats) state and inspired by Pope “who am I to judge” Francis is confident that he can … 더보기
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Belgian Bishops Claim That Remarried Divorcees Can Receive Communion

Vatican upholds communion ban for remarried
That was then.
This is now.
Pope Francis says the majority of the world's bishops back his suggestion that civilly remarried Catholics can receive Communion...

Think of it as, "unity in diversity."
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Trump's Catholic Budget Chief: The U.S. Bishops "Are Wrong"

We are going to measure compassion and success by the number of people we help get off of those [social] programs and get back in charge of their own lives.

Liberals don't think this way. Especially Catholic liberals who may have entirely different motives for their “compa$$ion.”

Report: George Soros Exploits Catholic ‘Useful Idiots’

Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, and several … 더보기
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Good Peripheries and Bad Peripheries? By Fr Reto Nay

When the word "peripheries" is used in church-speak, it does not mean the simple and poor Catholics of whom Cardinal Sarah is a genuine expression. It means the opposite of its literal meaning. It means "mainstream".

Simple and poor Catholics are likely included in Pope Francis' use of the term peripheries but I'd bet there are more problematic inclusions as well.

Pope Francis again welcomes … 더보기
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Leading Cardinal: Amoris Laetitia Is "Masterpiece", "on the Same Level" As Vatican II"

About himself Bassetti said that he "acts out of the instinct of the heart more than out of the reasons of the intellect."

Aquinas provides the most comprehensive treatment of this subject in the second part of the Summa theologiae. There, he explains that reason is comprised of two powers: one cognitive, the other appetitive. The cognitive power is the intellect, which enables us to know … 더보기
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Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

Waiting for Monsignor Luigi Negri to lambaste these murder victims, their parents and the victim's lifestyles without mentioning the actual perpetrators of the slaughter.
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Again: Pope Francis Supports Controversial Milagro Sala

Sala considers the Communist Che Guevara or Socialist Bolivian President Evo Morales as her political models. She is criticised for her lust of power, autocratic behaviour, and violent temper.
If she were only a man, she would have been at least a bishop by now.

Sala calls herself a "Catholic in my way"
That would be a great song title.
My Way
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Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

She's not very intelligent, I understand that her song lyrics are filthy and she's made various ignorant comments about the country of her birth. Yet, while Archbishop Negri is blaming everyone he can think of except the actual Islamic perpetrators of this murderous act, this simple minded twit, Ariana Grande, is doing this.


Sure there are probably promotional reasons for her paying for their funerals. Still, as we vulgarians occasionally say, “money talks, bull *excrement* walks.”
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Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

one of the best Italian bishops?

Is the following an appropriate comment made in public by a Catholic Cardinal? What does this say about our Church?

...the 74-year-old prelate supposedly said he hoped the Madonna would work a miracle and cause Pope Francis to die, referring to the example of Pope John Paul I, who died after just 33 days. Allegedly, Negri also had some harsh things to say … 더보기
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Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

Hello Jungerheld,
I don't believe this is the time for such a caustic insesitive letter from Archbishop Luigi. This is a time for sympathy for the families of the victims. Typical for liberals, they will not mention those who were directly responsible for the murders but, as in this case, he would prefer to blame society, the parents and who knows what else rather than Pope Francis' dear Muslims. … 더보기
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Archbishop: Strong Words On Manchester Victims

I would agree in the nearly universal sentiment that all politicians are worthless and stupid but in addition Monsignor Luigi (the overstuffed bloated bishop whose god is his belly) proves that Catholic clerics will not be outdone by stupid politicians. In typical Catholic fashion, Monsignor Luigi gets it totally wrong.

What happened to the pastoral approach that we have heard so much about … 더보기
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New Osservatore Romano: Papal Meeting with Trump is below the fold

A transcript of the meeting leaked by an unnamed Russian source:

Pope: "I want to go home"
Aide: "You are home"
Pope: "I hate this"
Aide: "Just smile"
Pope: "These people are awful"
Aide: "Be nice"
Pope: "I want a cannoli"