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Gloria.TV News on the 13th of August 2014

De mortuis nil nisi bonum. Your snide remark regarding the dead actor lacks class and really illustrates what a nasty little segment your news thing has become. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. The Episcopal denomination has ten thousand things wrong with it, but Mr. Williams' suicide ought not to be linked there. Pray for him and save your cheap humor for less sensitive moments

One Hell of a Problem

i preach judgement and hell at every funeral. People seem to take it pretty wel. At the end of the day we ought not fear to speak these harder truths. People ultimately understand that they need to hear it.

Vivaldi - In Exitu Israel de Aegypto

Psalm 113 (114+115)
1 In exitu Israel de Aegypto domus Iacob de populo barbaro
1 When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a barbarous people:
2 Facta est Iudaea sanctificatio eius Israel potestas eius
2 Judea made his sanctuary, Israel his dominion. 3 Mare vidit et fugit Iordanis conversus est retrorsum 3 The sea saw and fled: Jordan was turned back. 4 Montes exultaverunt ut arietes colles sicut agni ovium 4 The mountains skipped like rams, and the hills like the lambs of the floc… [More]

Just Following Orders

Off the hook and over the edge. Somehow i dont think what michael is doing here is what the Pope has in mind.

Houston, We Have a Problem

I remember years ago that I visited the Baltimore Cathedral of Mary our Queen and happened upon a Lutheran "ordination" Archbishop Borders was even in attendance. It is a remarkably incoherent thing to do especially today when the liberal protestants oppose us on more than theological grounds, they have even departed natural law and oppose us in every social issue of the day

Gloria.TV News on the 4th of June 2013

The news segment is becoming increasingly shrill and divisive. Why not call it Commentary which is what it is becoming. I do not disagree with all the commentary made but I found yesterdays disrepectful comments about Pope Francis bowing to man way over the top. And the snarky money report is misleading. In my parish the Gospel Music Mass turns in almost $15,000 a week almost twice as much as a traditional parish nearby where I celebrate the Latin Mass. I am not sure what that says, … [More]

Hold On Tight

An excellent post. As Vorris points out, the wheels really came off when we decoupled sexual union from Child-bearing through contraception, as Vorris puts it, when we said "Sex and procreation have no necessary connection." Once that was done and became the thinking, it isn't far to saying anyone can have sex with anyone. And that contraceptive mentality is at the heart of all this mess. In this sense, it can be rightly argued, as St. Paul does in Romans 1, that it is not merely that God will … [More]

Catholic News Brazil freemason mass- illuminati 08-28

So sad to see catholics savaging eachother. Especially when the enemy without is so strong. Nevertheless we continue to savage fellow Catholics. The devil sits back, enjoys, and orders another demon to peal him a grape.

U.S. Following France

Te numbers are very alarming and i have surely seen the drastic declines in my 51 years too. That said, and while I agree that clear articulation of the faith is essential, something which I ttry to do, i wonder if Mr. V has a comprehensive plan. I think it is easy for all of us to criticize and speak of the problem but I wonder really if any of us know what to do? In my parish we go door to door, in this diocese there are five latin mass locations, most of our priests, especially the younger … [More]

The Protestant Implosion

Good summary here. Is also a mazing to see how the Protestants who remain in their declining communities are merely doubling down on their liberal deconstructionist notions of biblical and traditional morality. The mainline Protestants are just getting more and more extreme

Trickle Up Theology!

I might also add that the bishop has good points and simply and publicly dismissing them in a public way as Mr. v does shows a lack of docility. If Mr. V. Where to add to these points or seek to clarify older practices the Bishop critiques, that might be better. Frankly praying the rosary during the mass, and a whispered canon where things worth correcting, his sainted Grandfathers piety notwithstanding. Even as early as the 1940s there was an attempt to get the faithful to use missals and … [More]

Trickle Up Theology!

Mr Vorris rightly notes that the Church has her troubles. Yet I just wish he wasnt so simplistic. For example he notes that the sacred liturgy is ONLY about the worship of God. But orthodoxy avoids the use of such words when it comes to the sacred mysteries. God centered yes, but not only aout God. Otherwise, why direct any words such as the Scriptures to the people at all. Christ worships the Father, and we with him, but Christ the high priest, also ministers to his people. Again, orthodoxy … [More]


What an odd video/ I am not sure who he is referring to when he calls our "professional Catholics." Who are they?