One Man's Hero (1999)

Always thought this moment in history would make a great film :D Can't believe it's taken me this long to find it 더보기


I hate to say it, but this video does more to convince me that this is demonic fraud rather than a genuine private revelation. These ecstasies are strange and not like with anything else we have ever seen in the history of approved apparitions. 'The Blessed Virgin took possession of the entire village'? Does the narrator realized what he said?

We are not obliged to believe in private revelations… 더보기

Paris cathedral : most famously dedicated to Our Lady.

Absolutely exquisite! But who are the 19th century gentlemen interspersed in the second half of the video? I don't quite see their connection witht he cathedral (as I don't know whom they are)

Also...and this is embarrassing...the name of the sequence sung?

Gorgeous video, thank you for posting!

Gloria.TV News on the 21st of November

Edward de Vere was Catholic, and likely tortured psychically for his contradictory way of life. He's certainly the man who wrote the plays!

Gloria TV News on the 10th of November

That cross is going nowhere; you should have seen our fight to keep merely the wooden memorial cross in front of the palace! Warsaw as a whole would mobilize against the removal of that cross!

Geoffrey Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales

Sans the Holy Presence, this place is but a shell of its former glory.

The Signature That Is Worrying The Jews

Is that so? Well, I think it would be rude to have the Assisi meeting without the Jews, so let's cancel it! Yea! Let's be ecumenical and cancel Assisi! 더보기

Gloria.TV News

Bravo Jacek! You should join Marek Jurek's party! Holy Poland, shall overturn this evil!
I envy you a little bit, Holy Cannoli...not a sinful envy, just a little 'That's a good thing you will participate in, which I wish I could,' too kind of way...but I hope those … 더보기

Pope St Pius X - Pope of The Blessed Sacrament FEAST DAY- Sept 3rd

It is a lovely, instructive video, but when I think of older people and those with poorer eyesight in general, it might be really hard for them to read the texts. Would you consider make the print a bit bigger and bolder?

Thank you for sharing with us!

Don’t Have Any Heroes Except Jesus!

It seems as though this exorcist was engaging in a kind of personal banter with a demon that Father Malachi Martin (whom this priest attacked earlier) would never have countenanced. The Jesuit made it clear in Hostage to the Devil, the exorcists comes as an envoy of Christ, not himself, and he only questions the demon concerning its name, nature, and how it took possession of the person in its grip. He does not indulge in curiosity.

Catholic News Roundup (Sept 1st, 2011)

Seeing as how Poland is run by the same people in power under the yoke of Communism, she's fighting a great fight, and she will ban abortion! 더보기

State-Wide Tour for Traditional Marriage Meets Incredible Support in Illinois

It's so good to see men, and young men, too, taking to the streets! Too often the presence of women is over-emphasized and and too greatly sought (even by priests) for such demonstrations. I always thought it hurt our pro-life movement back home that we were virtually all women. The support of men lends a cause a certain dignity that is indispensable to its efficaciousness (because as … 더보기

All the Lights Went Out

Why do the Jesuits always get the short end of the stick? Other than that, very funny! 더보기

Biochemical Changes

Wow! It sends chills up and down my spine to think of how our Church is truly the representation of reality, pure and simple, and the more we know, the more we see that God's Law is the law of what is, as He is Sum Qui Sum itself, and all evil is a form of denial of reality...to quote Marcus Brody, we 'are meddling with powers you cannot possibly comprehend.' Frightening

Gloria TV News on the Feast of St. Irenaeus


I'm not really sure what the argument you hold is.

If you are a patriotic Pole, then I think you have simply misunderstood this news flash. If you are a PO supporter, then I can only pray for you.

My very patriotic Polish boyfriend was talking to me about this priest and his comments the other day, and he's very
proud of the priest for standing against PO and the government. We are … 더보기

Last Supper as a homosexual orgie

Well, I can see from some of the posts below that indeed Gloria TV has been infiltrated by non-believers.

I don't know if Crusader himself is one such infiltrator, but I think he makes the error that is actually not uncommon amongst Catholics--being more against the devil than for God. It is enough to tell others of these abominations, so they are prepared. There is no call whatsoever to … 더보기

Cardinal Reginald Pole in 'The Tudors' (part 1 of 2)

OoooooooooooK, that proposal at the end of the video is more than a bit ridiculous. It's certainly the first I've heard of it, though granted I am hardly a biographer of his Eminence, but see this excerpt from newadvent.org and see if it meshes with the attempt power grab in the video:

' Throughout his life Pole's moral conduct was above reproach, his sincere piety and ascetical habi… 더보기

Fastfood-Flashmob, Händels "Haleluja"

How beautiful! But it's sad when more reverence and beauty is displayed in an food court than a church (i.e. 'Christmast flashmob' posted by jacbuffet, ugh). 더보기

"Jusqu'où iront-ils?"

Uh huh, yeah, that's about the glorification of God and not an ostentatious performance all right. Well, just wait a generation, and that church will be being used with the appropriate reverence again. 더보기

Pletanek and priest against abortion, Prague 10.7.08

The truth must be graphic if hearts are to be moved. Don't ever stop! I'll remember you in my rosary tonight. 더보기

Contra un aborto en Praha, República Checa 2010-03-20

I only wish that when I was marching in San Francisco, the organizers would allow us to bring our own signs with us. That army of crosses moving like a wave of tombstones will surely shower many graces on Prague. 더보기

Church History (10)

Master Woods, come now, it wouldn't have hurt to have mentioned that Mikolaj Kopernik was a priest!

Dr. Woods definitely gives us all the facts one needs to answer non-believers, but another argument is that the proper way to view the incident is that it wasn't dispute between the Church and non-Churchmen, but amongst Churchmen.

Galileo was struck so hard in part because i) He …

Chairman of German Bishops’ Conference denies Fundamental Catholic Doctrine

Incoherent rambling as well as heretical. Well, one would hope that it would have little chance to seduce *anyone* with those factors standing against the man. He's as devoid of eloquence as he is of truth.