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Gloria. TV News on the Feast of St Francis Borgia

"vote for Senator John McCain does not guarantee the end of abortion" But voting for Obama guarenteesit. He already said he will sign partial birth abortion into law as soon as he's in the White House. In answer to the gentleman's statement about dealing with the poor, Jesus said there will always be poor. Both are throwing up smoke screens for their own political choices.

Last Supper as a homosexual orgie

We are not hateful but personally I am tired of include so-called "catholics"....expecting us to lie down and take it time and time again. And to compare RevSpitz to murderous radical Muslums? This is what I am talking about. I forgive those who sin against me but I will not allow our Church to be dragged through the mud. Silence is acceptance: they will walk all over the Catholic Church as they are doing as we speak. Where is your sense, tifo.
"Very well done!"
you have become....blind and complacent.

Die Ökumene des Bösen [Teil 4]

It is more important to discuss politics where change can take place and that would be in the political arena where the politicians may actually listen to us. I do not think enough people go to this website to make a difference. Maybe YouTube is a better place to promote change? That and constant prayer for the world.

Liturgical Dance

"This is a beautiful expression of the faith of these Sisters. How dare anyone call them such bad names as below. They have given themselves totally to Christ and have done a lot for him. Who are we to judge their worship of their spouse? "
Typical "cafeteria Catholic" You need to snap out of it.
Good reply GermanCatholic

Wake Up Church 1

What a sad state they (Canada) are in. And now the US (i.e. California). What ever happened to freedom of speech/religion? Homosexuals can flaunt their lifestyle wherever and whenever they like but not the "mean ol' church". We have to keep it behind closed doors. Despicable.

Liturgical Dance

Call me old fashoned and biased, but in my opinion the lack of traditional habit says it all. Unfortunately a lot of Benedictine nuns opt to go habitless. At least thats how it appears. I loved the orders that have remained unchanged in this area. Sorry but I'm alittle passionate about this.