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Gloria.TV News on the 24th of October 2014

In Voris's defense, he has over the years brought the truth out in the open for all to see and hear.. Scandalous bishops, renegade priests & nuns, Even cardinals. He has helped tremendously in exposing the rot that has infiltrated our church for the past 50 yrs. the liberal clergy, disobedient to the pope(s) but in 'good standing', would love to destroy Voris because he exposes these very same clergy and their agendas.
Don't fall for what the dissenters and destroyers of our church would want … [More]

Was that why he was elected?

At this point Any pope who would stand up for our Catholic Tradition and had no problem living and defending it, would be in danger...he'd be made to be silent.. One way or the other. As he'd have such a powerful force doing whatever it took to overtake him.
The enemy is strong and many.

REEL ANSWERS: Bishop Fellay & The Outlaw Josey Wales

Only God can and will restore the Church to its traditional beauty. IMHO, no pope would be able to survive his papacy if the SSPX were to be 'regularized' (or tried to be). One doesn't need to go to Rome to learn this, isn't there enough evidence and proof from what we Catholics have had and still endure from so many faithless priests, bishops and cardinals?
I hope Bishop Fellay truly listens to the Holy Ghost...that his prayer life can be in communion with God for the bishop's understanding in what God wills and no one else.

Imam Choudary: 'The Sharia will be implemented in America'

Why they give this hateful Muslim air-time is beyond comprehension. @Gregory..."Islamphobia"? What pretend world do you live in? Beheading, cutting children in half, killing christians if they don't convert, burning and spitting on the American Flag in our own country! Try doing that over there. Sit down with the parents whose sons were beheaded. Haven't you learned anything from history? Have you no clue as to why they are migrating to all countries in rapid numbers? Its people who say such … [More]

Gloria.TV News on the 22nd of July 2014

Where do we see leaders of countries condemning the persecution of Christians? The Kenyan in the White House could care less. The press and media are hardly covering these atrocities. The Jews could care less, .. In the mean time...Catholic churches are being torn down or sold (even to Muslims). And mosques continue to sprout up everywhere in an alarming rate.

Gloria.TV News on the 18th of July 2014

St. Bernard of Clairvaux's critique of the Jews is the same as the Church's position, reiterated since Augustine and codified by Pope Gregory the Great in Sicut Judaeis non.
Jews, according to Catholic teaching, are carnal and blind. Not even the wonders Jesus performed could overcome their blindness.
Bernard notes:
"Not the flight of demons, nor the obedience of the elements, nor life restored to the dead, was able to expel from their minds that bestial stupidity, and more than bestial, … [More]

Medjugorje and Authority

When has the Blessed Mother EVER told anyone that her "real" birthday is in August (5th) . We, as Catholics Know that to be FALSE. The Church has always held Sept. 8th as her birthday.. As well as Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerick and Venerable Mary of Agreda, which has been pointed out before on this site and others. Just that alone should be enough to realize there's a big problem.

New Missionaries

Wonderful..we must pray for holy priests! For holy vocations! Suggestion: in the front vestibule of our church they have a basket full of ladies veils/chapel veils in case any ladies would prefer to cover their heads out of respect for the Holy Mass. Respect for God's house. I think it would be a good idea for other churches to think about doing this.

Refusing to Submit to the Roman Pontiff is Spiritual Shipwreck: The SSPX are Protestant

Well said kam. I can certainly relate to what you've written because there is much similarity with me and my family.
Where are the true 'Apostles' within the church? Where? Where are the ones that would defend the faith, the truth, Christ in the Eucharist?
Where's their 'backbones' who would call out the abuses as we know them..Abuses that the apostles would have countered 'head on'.
If they, the saints, the founders of religious orders walked into a novus ordo today they would puke out the …

The Issue Behind the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate

Bottom line, the enemy controls the happenings within the church. Be it Lefevbre in or out of the picture, doesn't matter. The powers at work have had over a half century to do their dismantling and so we find it in the state it is.
Only two things can help..
And the people leave the Novus Ordo...Stop giving money..and attend the Latin Mass only!

The Gay Priest Party!

Well said lukedaniel & rhemes. Priests need to know that if they expose the Truth, we Catholics will support them! Don't allow intimidation and fear to rule you! Do what you know the apostles would have done! Expose them for the sake of their souls and those they 'minister' to. You must!

Austria: More Catholics Leaving Church Under Francis Than Benedict

Attended a novus ordo modern mess(a) while visiting family, and who live in a very nice part of the city and which is highly populated. The Mass on Christmas and the following Sunday were hardly attended. All I could think of was that I hope all that have left there are now attending the Latin Mass! Glad other family members are wanting to attend the Latin Mass also. They didn't realize they had 2 of them within a 13 mile radius!