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Gloria TV News on the Feast of Servant of God Orlando Catanii

An Evidently Satanic Act Colombia On the evening of June 5-6, a teenage boy and girl broke into a chapel in Dosquebradas, a city of 200,000 in the western part of Colombia. They stole $1,000 worth of valuables and desecrating the Blessed Sacrament. … [More]
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@Theotimus - Indeed!! Pathetic really.....
Just look at the age of those "liberal catholics":
The 76 years old fr. Worm seems to be one of the youngest ones!
Poor people stuck in the 70s of the past century.
Here in Brazil we have in many, many diocese the so called "Missas Sertanejas" or "Missas do Peão Boiadeiro", or Cowboy Masses.

They do not achieve the same level of profanations that took place in Viena, but there are many abuses also.

In this show, the cowboy singer at 02:00 min is Priest from Canção Nova community
It seems that sides are becoming more and more clear.
Holy Cannoli


Buongiorno, Doina