Irish gov’t minister warns Church to ‘celebrate’ homosexuality at World Meeting of Families

rafferju Thanks for pointing this out. But whether the people here practice the Faith depends on where you are. I've lived and worked in various parts of Ireland and the picture painted by the media is not the one on the ground. It very much varies from place to place (Cork is better than Dublin and Donegal is better than Cork). The Medjugorje people are just more obvious than all the others.

Religious Jews are asked about the Talmud

mattsixteen24 (the little emoji is beneath a Catholic) It's about treating people fairly. If you don't know what the Patrologia is then what do you know about the Faith? If you don't know the Fathers and their writing when they're in translation who's to blame? The Talmud is not the basis for Jewish law the Torah is. The Talmud, as I am getting tired of repeating, is a collection of commentaries… More

Religious Jews are asked about the Talmud

mattsixteen24 I am not upset at all but I do object to a video critical of Judaism when the video is unfair. Not believing in Jesus as God Incarnate is not the same as being anti-Christ. To be anti-Christ is to reject everything Christ stood for, that is, all of God's plan for mankind. The Jews do not do this. St Paul is quite clear on that! They are still part of His plan until the 'veil is … More

Religious Jews are asked about the Talmud

mattsixteen24 To call Judaism 'antichrist' is to show you don't know Scripture o rour Faith. They don't accept our Lord as Christ but that's not the same as being anti-Christ. If there is an anti-Christ religion it is Islam. It's not about finding the good in the texts of anothe religion it's about treating those texts and that faith with fairness and justice. Don't try to mask anti-Semitism … More

Religious Jews are asked about the Talmud

mattsixteen24 Again you should read what I have already said. In justice one cannot read a very large work (6,200 pages long) collecting the different opinions of many different rabbis on different subjects gathered over many centuries and then pick out the offensive bits. If you are then, in justice, you should also be prepared to do the same to the Patrologia Greca et Latina (and that's only … More

Religious Jews are asked about the Talmud

mattsixteen24 I am not defending the Talmud but questioning the lack of fairness in this video. The young man replies correctly. The quotations have to taken in context like quotations from Scripture or from the saints. The Talmud is not scripture it is a collection and often contains contrary opinions. Quoting those opinions out of context is unjust. One does not have to even be a believer in … More

"The Collapse Will Come, Do Not Doubt It" - Cardinal Sarah

Dr Stuart Reiss Remember what a Church Father said that one day the whole Church woke to find itself Arian yet the Church survived. We will suffer for this infidelity in the meantime but the Church is built on Christ and She cannot fail.

Religious Jews are asked about the Talmud

The Anti-Semites who appear more frequently on should remember that our Lord and His Mother were Jews, as were the Apostles and many of the early Christians. Pope Benedict XV said that Catholics are spiritual Jews. Read Matt 15:22 where our Lord likened the Canaanites (Syro-Phonecians) to 'dogs'. Are we to take that literally? If one searches through the writings of all the saints one … More

Demonic activity on the rise in Ireland

I don't doubt the evil one and his minions are active in Ireland they always have been. Yet this report relies on an interview with ONE priest. What other evidence is there for a dramatic increase? An increase in sin? Human beings need no help from the devil in that - in fact I would think that he leaves serious sinners to themselves. I know that the number of those attending confession has been … More

“World Meeting of Families” Spreads Gay Ideology

I can't find this video on It wouldn't surprise if it were true seeing how much ABp Martin is involved. I don't know how the other Irish bishops are viewing this. I would not be surprised if the event flops. Ireland has changed so much and it is an exspensive country to visit.

German nun with 88 years

A Franciscan nun! If only they would let her loose in the Vatican or perhaps just on the German bishops?

Israel Arming at Least Seven Syrian Rebel Groups

Yes, arming rebels has worked out so well in the past...
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German Cardinal Marx Celebrates Mass - with Indian-Style Dancing Ladies

Dr Stuart Reiss I was wondering how authentic this was. I thought the sitar was out of key but then that's my western expectations of music. As for Marx, he's a real bishop (one gets into a real mess if one goes down that rabbit hole) which makes all this all the sadder.

Lost case - learn Maths

How is this tight? She'd never cope with Cork. At the risk of being sexist I wonder if this is evidence that women really do have a different spatial awareness to men?

(gay?) problem of the Church

What evidence is there here that this acrobat or his viewers are 'gay'? Is it not wrong to attribute evil to another without evidence? I was never much of a fan of the circus and I don't think either his attire or the audience hall were appropriate. To me the Pope looks bored. As for the 'gay' remarks - are we not in danger of engaging in the same kind of thinking that plagues homosexuals and … More

New low-attendance record on Ash Wednesday

Dr Stuart Reiss No offence taken. But as regards the words of Sacramentals just as the Church devises them she can change them. She did not get rid of "Remember,...." but added options, some of which I think are more effective at times (though it all depends on the disposition of the one receiving the sacramental).

As for latin, I have said Mass in latin so I have no objection to it, but when … More

New low-attendance record on Ash Wednesday

Dr Stuart Reiss I can assure you that I am no liberal. I would advise you that it is not charitable to draw conclusions about another person solely from the few words in a comment box. As for the "universal church would worship in one voice" she alway has but not in one language. She has and continues to use a multitude of languages: Greek, for instance, was used before Latin and is still in use.… More

German Cardinal Marx Celebrates Mass - with Indian-Style Dancing Ladies

I got half-way through. Who thought this was a good idea? I like to see other cultures and traditions celebrated, we have a lot to offer one another, but not at Mass. It is Christ, God-made-man not Man who should be at the centre. And not with dancing (at least it seems to be traditional Indian dancing and not something made up by a sub-committee of the local liturgical commission). It looks More

New low-attendance record on Ash Wednesday

Dr Stuart Reiss I think you are lumping a lot of disparate things into one whole. The words of the Gospel are always relevant and 'Repent, and believe in the Gospel' is the central message of Lent. Would you be happier if it was said in Latin? It is the Church supported by the Holy Spirit, through her pastors, which decides how her rites are to be conducted not individuals.

Does New Motu Proprio Aim At Keeping Elderly Liberals in Place?

Alas that 'Franciscan' is now being used to describe any and every initiative under the present HF. Why can't they use 'Jesuit'? He's far more of a Jesuit than a Franciscan!
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New low-attendance record on Ash Wednesday

Dr Stuart Reiss Since when are the very words of our Lord "Catholic lite" (Mark 1.15)?

European Central Bank: EU Needs Mass-Immigration

sunalos Actually they are right. I remember reading that this was coming down the road back in the 80's when only Poland and Ireland were still replacing their populations. No one wanted to listen then and most are still not listening. No plitician will get re-elected if he/she admits they will ban contraception and abortion in order to save their country. Some countries have begun to take … More

In Memoriam: Germain Grisez, Great Defender of Humanae Vitae (1929-2018)

A great man with a great mind who took his faith seriously. His Way of the Lord Jesus was a great help to me when I was doing moral theology.
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Jesuit Martyrs of Japan

It's obvious Paul Miki is up front on this because he's Japanese (and perhaps because he's a Jesuit) but only three of these martyrs were Jesuits. The rest were Franciscan: 6 Spanish Franciscans (all priests I think) and 15 members of the Third Order. For us Franciscans it's the feast of their martyrdom: St. Peter Baptist and his companions. Our Office of Readings has a beautiful passage from … More

WALSH: Yoga Is A Pagan Ritual. Maybe Christians Should Find A Different Workout Routine.

Klaus Gamber Right I shall take it but I will reiterate my argument: there is no solid evidence of a connection between yoga done for health and demonic possession. I would suggest that such ideas are theologically dubious (and at that I am being charitable).

Woman gives lessing of the Throats, Wasserburg, Germany

As students (friars in simple vows) we were sent out each year to help with the blessing of throats. Only in our friaries we never light the candles. With the hairsprays nowadays it could leas to an incendiary moment - is the picture a mite incendiary?

Cardinal Marx endorses blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples

Pray for this man and all bishops. Step by step it seems he wanders further from the Faith and God have mercy on any that follow him.

WALSH: Yoga Is A Pagan Ritual. Maybe Christians Should Find A Different Workout Routine.

Wow there's a response! Klaus Gamber "Ouja boards, or ‘Tumbler talking’ are not sins per se, and neither are reading Tarrot cards or soothsaying" - well actually they are sins because they are occult practices, attempting to consult the 'dead' or 'spirits.' I also know priests involved in dealing with the effects of evil spirits and the one I know best is not against yoga done properly. As for … More

Antifa and Catholic politician, Watch what Mogg does

I wonder at the lack of self-awareness in these young people. 'Anti-fascists' behaving exactly like fascists. Of course the 'left' and the 'right' are near cousins, both children of the enlightenment, and as children of the 'liberal' enlightenment intolerant of those who do not agree with them.
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WALSH: Yoga Is A Pagan Ritual. Maybe Christians Should Find A Different Workout Routine.

Klaus Gamber Thanks for the references and I have read Fr Amorth. There are two dangers when dealing with Satan and his minions: underestimating and overestimating. I find the idea that "countless bodies are possessed by demons through willing or sometimes unwitting participation in demonic activity and often by invitation through many different means" to be very strange if not unorthodox. How … More

"Individual Case" Trick: Cardinal Marx Blesses Homosexual Couples

Perhaps the Cardinal has for so long dealt with pastoral issues on a 'case by case' basis that he has wandered so far off the beaten track that he no longer knows he's lost.

WALSH: Yoga Is A Pagan Ritual. Maybe Christians Should Find A Different Workout Routine.

Klaus Gamber Are you suggesting that God created the human body in such a way that they can, merely by taking up a particular pose, contact a demon? The Church has never taught this. It strikes me as a rather gnostic idea.

Yoga was a set of techniques used by yogis to prepare for long periods of meditation. The danger in yoga, if there is any, is that of adopting other practices such as … More

Dublin Archbishop: World Day Of Families Open To Immorality?

I wouldn't pay much attention to D. Martin he isn't Irish episcopate. Allegedly his relations with the other bishops are not good. He looks after number one (even in his own diocese) and this interview with the IT is just a way to keep the Irish media off his back. They're fuming someone had the 'liathroidi' (I won't translate just guess what it means) to turn down McAleese (darling of the pro-… More
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Svetlana Powell

Thank God I taught before all this rubbish began. I had a gay student in my first class and I taught and explained the Church's teaching and we got on fine. I gave him a reference a few years ago. Yet even then it was obvious it was only a matter of time before the crazies got laws on the statute books. The persecution will be through the law (just as is happening now) and it will only be a … More
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Irish Church Removes Gay Propaganda After Pressure

In defence of those bishops (most of them anyway) this booklet was produced by a committee and when the bishops saw it there was trouble and the offending bits got pulled. Nou dount someone got roasted too.
Josephmary if you think the Church is dead why are you here on a Catholic site? What does that say about your picture of Scripture? " I am with you untilt he end of time" and "the gates of … More

Bishop and Baby

If the baby's a boy he might one day be the bishop's successor.

Bishop under attack for claiming repeal will lead to euthanasia

Bishop Kevin Doran, a Dub like myself, an always orthodox, a solid Catholic man and they'll do their best to roast him for this. Yet it stands to reason. Once the principle is admitted into the Constitution and law of Ireland that it is acceptable to deliberately and directly kill an innocent human being how old that human being is immaterial. Abortion is a crime that leads to other crimes.

Another Group of Bishops Choses Immorality

mattsixteen24 This isn't protestantization! Even the early Protestant 'reformers' would've been appalled at this! The only explanations I have is that these men have lost contact with the Faith. That or they are seriously deluded or twisted in their reasoning. Either way they will not gain by it but the Church will lose. That is until the Lord Himself steps in and sorts out this mess.
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Keep Out! by Dr Stuart Reiss

I fear you may be a little hard on Parish Priests but I take your point. More could be done to make the Lord more available to people and keep churches open. (Ours is open all day, most days of the year, but then we are in Cork city centre.

About twenty years ago there was a movement around Ireland (where in general, outside the suburbs, churches are generally open all day) to have 24 hour … More

Vatican Wants To "Abolish" Reality Of Intrinsic Evil

One of Benedict XVI's many great books is a small one on 'Conscience' that is well worth reading. He notes towards the beginning that the same kind of thinking was prevalent among some of colleagues when he was a young professor in Germany. These are not new ideas they have been festering away, left untreated, for years. I fear only cauterization will heal this wound.

Italian Bishops Want End Of “Humanae Vitae”

It's like these bishops are stuck in 1970. Has no one showed them who Italy's Net Fertility Rate has declined or do they not care? Perhaps they have swallowed the lie that 'all we have to do is make things easier for others, get rid of anything thought too hard or demanding and then the people will come flocking back to us'? What will the sheep do when the shepherds themselves are lost?
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A small town in Japan doubles its fertility rate

Abe, the Japanes PM, wants to get Japans fertility rate up to 1.8? He needs to get it to 2.1 if Japan can have a future. It may be already too late. It depends how long he can keep Japan's economy healthy enough to support the changes he needs to bring in and give them time to have an effect. The most unpopular (but perhaps the most effective) would be banning abortion and contraception.

Disgusting Tweed of Labour Members, Ireland

mccallansteve Actually the Irish bishops are quite clear on their opposition to abortion and have always been so. The problem is that Irish Church has no EWTN of its own (not allowed), the Catholic media is small and fragmented, and so many 'Catholic' Irish get their information (read deformation) from the secular-dominated media.
As for Labour: a minority party of gin and tonic socialists, socia… More
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Francis Preaches Unhealthy, Sentimental Philosophy

Don Reto Nay What labels others may put on a statement one cannot control. What offence they may take is also beyond one's control. All one can control is one's own intention. If in speaking the truth one intends to deliberately hurt or demean another for the very purpose of hurting or demeaning (which I must presume our Lord would not do), then one's commitment to the truth is a sham and one's … More
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Francis Preaches Unhealthy, Sentimental Philosophy

Don Reto Nay I do not disagree but in the context of the message the Pope is talking about using truth to deliberately harm others. Speaking the truth can never be divorced from love. We are not only commanded to speak the truth but to do so in love both love for the truth and love for the other person. Speaking the truth without love, even if one means no harm, is failing to engage with the … More
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