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The Rosary Crusade always takes place on the nearest Saturday to the 13th, which this year, happened to be the 14th. More people can attend at weekends, few would be able to attend on a weekday. Why should there be British flags there? The Crusade is about reparation for the offences committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, not nationalism.
I was there with my sister, two of the fewer pale faces among the many faithful Africans and Asians. This wonderful annual event is a fervent, joyful display of love of our Glorious Faith and deep devotion to our heavenly Queen and Mother.
Why not on October 13, 2017 ?
Anniversary of Fatima st. Mary's apparitions is on Oct. 13....
Where are crosses and British flags ?
Good people , one and all.
The Catholic Church truly is the universal church and the Bride of our Lord Jesus Christ . Praise to God
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Roberto 55
There is still hope for England. Wake up!
Fr Creighton-Jobe of the Brompton Oratory stated at this event that although numbers attending the Rosary Crusade are increasing (which is good), the collection taken to fund the event is decreasing (which is not good) - so please give generously if you want this marvellous annual act of public witness and reparation to continue - donations can be made throughout the year at the Rosary Crusade … More
Greetings from Leeds. God bless England