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@Temperance may she hit him with a 4x4 of Truth
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Our Lady says to pray for priests! I find this the hardest thing to do. All I want is to beat the living tar out of him! This guy is exactly what is causing harm to the Bride of Christ. Ok I said my peace, lets say a Hail Mary for this delusional monster.
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@BrTomFordeOFMCap absolutely right! Although perhaps you give Fr. Martin too much credit in suggesting he is confused. I think he knows exactly what he is doing/saying and is intent on confusing the faithful on the point you have clearly made. The wolves grow bolder and come out of the shadows as they grow in confidence that the man in the chair has their back.
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Is it possible there are persons who achieve the heights of sanctity despite Same-Sex Attraction? Yes. Is it possible there are persons who are 'gay' i.e. actively homosexuals, and who also achieve the heights of sanctity? Not this is not possible. The process of sanctification, of divinization, means the conquering of the passions and the flourishing of a holy and chaste life under the rule of … More
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Fr. Martin, AKA , Luther