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Love you Father Reto! God Bless you. Corporal works of mercy. I pray the Rosary, Chaplet , 7 sorrows daily. But not well, autoimmune, it gets me down. I pray for people but I need to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, visit the sick... How? the guilt overwhelms me. Trying to get to the Blessed Sacrament and church as often as able. What shall I pray for ? I also have a sister who is handicapped … More
Agreed! Important message with Lent, "right around the corner." Thank you, Father Reto. With empty words, "the only one that suffers is Lent itself." AMEN!
Thanks Fr Reto. This really helps. Would love you to do more English postings. They are really insightful. Praise be to Jesus Christ.
Mrs Lucy O'Brien
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3 Ave Marias for Fr. Reto!
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I thank our Lord for your preaching Fr. Retro.
Harmonia celestiala
Thank you for these beautiful words for lent.
So we shall try to extend the goodness of God into the whole world - for us and for every-one.