Gay Ideology Is an Objective Evil

Mainstream: The gentleman next to Pope Francis who looks like the teller of your local bank, was elected the new superior general of the Marist Brothers. His name is Ernesto Sánchez and he is from … More
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Maudie N Mandeville
Maybe take Jesus off the cross so as not to offend Protestants.
>>>Gay Ideology Is an Objective Evil: Despite signing a contract and paying hire fees in full, Wrest Point Casino in Hobart, Australia, has cancelled an event critical of gay pseudo-marriage. Archbishop Julian Porteous of Hobart who was due to participate, called this a “direct challenge to freedom of speech”.<<<
Why the clergy don´t call the UN governors for repentance lest many people and thems… More
Jim Dorchak
I find this to be a great OFFENSE to me personally since I am a PORK FARMER!!!!!!!!!!!
How in considerate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 4 sows and a boar.
I sincerely hope my pigs do not hear about this. They will be greatly offended. Especially Pinky pig, and Oreo, who are especially sweet and easily insulted...................
MAN I LOVE PORK!!!! I mean who does not love bacon?
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Angie W.
La Corriente predominante-Mainstream: El caballero junto a Francisco, que se parece al cajero de su banco local, fue elegido el nuevo superior general de los Hermanos Maristas. Su nombre es Ernesto Sánchez y es de México. El Capítulo que eligió a Sánchez por primera vez no fue celebrado en la Casa General de Roma sino en Rionegro, Colombia. Esto se hizo con el fin de seguir el consejo de … More
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