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Promoting Human Traffickers? In his traditional New Year address to the members of the diplomatic corps, Pope Francis praised Italy, Germany, Greece and Sweden for taking in millions of migrants, a … More
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Lionel L. Andrades
Vatican Council II in principle infers hypothetical cases are not hypothetical but objectively visible and Cardinal Muller can do nothing.
Vatican Council II in principle assumes the hypothetical case of the baptism of desire and being saved in invincible ignorance are relevant exceptions to the orthdox passages in Ad Gentes 7 which say all need faith and baptism for …
" Quote: “Cardinal Muller, is it ok to rob a bank? Answer: no. - but maybe yes …"
Favourite post-conciliar saint: San Però.
Holy Cannoli
Promoting Human Traffickers?
Pope Francis praised Italy, Germany, Greece and Sweden for taking in millions of migrants

Italy? The pope praised Italy's migrant policy but Italy may not agree.
Germany? Germany wants to send them back!
Greece? The migrants in Greece are sleeping in abandoned buildings and freezing temperatures.
Sweden? This is the best.

Syrian, Mahmoud, in a radio interv… More
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Lionel L. Andrades
Leftist moral theology blessed in Amoris Laetitia by Pope Francis and Cardinal Muller.

Yes there is an error in Amoris Laetitia however Vatican Council II also has the same error and so could not be considered magisterial by Cardinal Burke.There is an objective error in Vatican Council II and this cannot be the work of the Holy Spirit.
Amoris Laetitia rejects traditional moral theologywith…
"The Pope’s talk contained virtually no allusion to religion." Mais, si c'est la nouvelle religion humanitaire, le socialisme mondial........
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Iam sorry that Cardinal Muller cave in ,maybe he had a lot of pressure on him from somewhere .but here its not the number of people but the truth is important ,Jesus said "" Whats the use of gaining the world if you loose you soul ""
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