Beautiful Music video capturing the Spirit of Medugorje
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Lionel Andrades
Monday, August 29, 2011


Franciscan priests approve messages of visionaries before public announcement: Lumen Gentium 14, Ad Gentes 7 indicates Catholic Faith and the baptism of water is the ordinary way of salvation for all, while Vicka says most people go to Heaven and Marija recommends a book which states the opposite. The book recommended by … More
MERCI à Dieu de nous avoir donné Medjugorje !
Ce lieu béni m'a permis de retrouver la foi catholique !
Vierge Marie de Medjugorje protégez-nous !
what I think of Medj is :
@Life resource: yes, the fruit of disobedience. The fruit of pregnant nuns. The fruit of religiously indifferent messages.

It would be profitable to bear in mind the case of Magdalen of the Cross, a 13th century Franciscan to whom at the age of 13 the devil appeared and promised her the outward appearance of sanctity, in order to gain her soul. For decades this woman deceived countless, members … More
Just a quick reminder, Medjugorje has been taken out of the hands of the Bishop of Mostar and is now in the hands of the Vatican. Also no appariton has been approved while it was still going on. The Church standing has been to wait until the apparations/messages have stopped before they approve of an apparaition. If an apparition goes against Church doctrine, they can condem it in a heart … More
Thank God for Medjugorje and the opportunity & grace He is offering to us by sending His mother one last time.

I was a lapsed Catholic before I went. Not anymore . Ck out the testimonies section of
Life resource
You will know them by the fruit they bear.

The devil does not convert anybody. VRS NSMV SMQL IVB
Help!! is there anyone out there who can support my views that the events taking place in Medugorje are Blessed and genuine??
The "spirit" of Medjugorje is the spirit of prideful disobedience to lawful superiors.

The Bishop of Mostar, who has authority from God to rule his diocese, told the alleged "visionaries" to stop spreading their messages They did not.

Contrast this with the case of te glorious virgin Saint Gemma Galgani, who, when her confessor told her he did not want her to exhibit the stigmata any further, … More
Sorry the edited line should be "...but that does not mean the sightings are genuine"
Medugorje may have been responsible for mass conversions, but that does not mean the sightings of the proclaimed "seers" are hoaxes. It is also well-documented that some of its caretakers and "seers" have profited financially from pilgrims. Lets us also not forget that the Church has never accepted the sightings and visions as genuine.
I have to absolutely dispute your comments.Medugorje has been the cause of thousands of genuine conversions and many documented miracles.Time will prove the authenticity of the events taking place there.
alfons maria stickler
Vatikan prüft Geschehen in Medjugorje

Sarajevo (DT/KNA) Der Vatikan hat eine Untersuchungskommission zur Prüfung der mutmaßlichen Marienerscheinungen von Medjugorje eingesetzt. Entsprechende Berichte bosnischer Medien bestätigte der katholische Erzbischof von Sarajevo, Kardinal Vinko Puljic. Zum ersten Mal werde damit eine offizielle vatikanische Kommission den herzegowinischen Pilgerort … More
Medugorje is a hoax. Catholics around the world must come to their senses and heed the warnings of the Magisterium and Bishop Ratko Perić.

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