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Pope Francis: “Don’t Be Anxious About Closing Churches”

The fact that many churches are closed down should be welcomed in the Church "not with anxiety" but as a "sign of the times" that invites us to "reflection" and "requires us to adapt", Pope Francis …
C'est clair : l'Antéchrist veut la fermeture de toutes les églises, ce qui est normal puisqu'il ne fait pas partie de l’Église.
First of all they say that Abortion is not murder
Then they say that Euthenasia isn't either
Then they say that Homosexuality isn't a sin detested by God
After it they say we shouldn't kneel before God
We haven't listened to a word he said
He's clearly not Christ's representative
Only the Devil would rejoice at closing down Christ's Churches.
The unbeliever has two tasks. Complete the V2 (auto) demolition of the Church Militant and protects his sexually deviant St Gallen patrons. His words follow from that.
I'm convinced his on some sort of medication!