Sub Rosa: Francis and His Henchmen Push For Homosex Fornication

"Look for another one," Francis told the homosex activist James Martin when asked what homosexuals should do when facing a “homophobic” [read: Catholic] pastor. Martin met Francis in September for …
El verdadero Papa Francisco es el que está iluminando al Catolicismo desde Fátima Mística (, lo cual es el cumplimiento de la promesa de Fátima (en Portugal se conservará el Dogma de la fe).
Pray that Jorge of the Pachamamas converts to the Catholic faith soon before millions more souls fall into hell.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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Francis probably felt all tingly meet with this infamous Jesuit sodomite. He seems so happy. likes this.
I wonder where he felt the tingle?
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Francis is out of control. God is so mysterious that he is keeping this man in power??? likes this.
Prince of darkness, not God.
"Every bishop in the world saw the photo of us together," said [Fr.] Martin. "This is a pope who uses signs to communicate. The meeting with him gave me and us a lot of currency." Adds it will now be hard to keep his "ministry" out of the dioceses, after the meeting with the Pope
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