Bergoglio is collaborating with the legalization of euthanasia: The Death of Vincent Lambert and …

Novus Ordo Watch Frenchman starved to death by court order… When it concerns a matter he really cares about, Jorge Bergogli...
Tue Jul 23rd, 2019

See what Francis can do when he really wants to - Vincent Lambert's life just wasn't important enough
Novus Ordo Watch: Yet when a French high court ordered the starvation of tetraplegic #VincentLambert, the oh-so merciful “Pope” had nothing to say.
Lambert’s parents are now pressing murder charges against his doctors. Murder is the deliberate and direct killing of the innocent, and it is one of only four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance (the other three are sodomy, oppression of the poor, and defrauding the laborer of his just wages).
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Lord deliver us from wolves in sheep's clothing.
St Anthony hammer of heretics pray for us
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