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Only Three Bishops Thank Cardinal Müller For Reaffirming Catholic Faith

Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin, USA, wrote that he appreciates the clear, concise and ordered approach of Cardinal Gerhard Müller’s “Manifesto of Faith” (Twitter, February 9). A day later he basicall…
But there are millions of catholics on his side
Jim Dorchak
There are 5,097 bishops in the catholic church and 3 BISHOPS in the Catholic Church...
Regarding Bishop Tobin, I don't think he undid anything at all in all fairness. You are duty bound to reject false teachings from a Pope or anyone else. Bishop Tobin has offered support to someone for whom there is no political advantage whatsoever in supporting because that person has spoken clear truth. That is not a small thing! Many thanks to all these Bishops for responding to God's grace … More