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Heresy Cardinal Kasper Plays the "Fear" Card

The anti-Catholic Cardinal Walter Kasper, 85, believes that Catholics "exploit" homosexual abuses, "religious freedom with communist China" and "national populism" in order to "weaken Francis." Spea…
85 years old and he has no fear of God or the particular judgement.
A bunch of smiling faggot apostates. They are no different than politicians. God please rid the satanic filth from our Church. Forgive us Lord for the horrible sins we have committed to deserve this chastisement. Give us a true Roman Catholic Pope to lead us out of this confusion and destruction of Holy Mother Church.
There will be a time that he will face The Creator
Dr Bobus
He has the situation reversed: Francis is being weakened by his own policies and poor decisions.

The simple truth is that, despite have produced several books, Cardinal Kasper is not the sharpest tool in the shed.
In 1968, this man said publicly, in a published and celebrated book (God and History), that he doesn't believe in God. That God is history; and that, to claim to the contrary, would be an offense to man. "If God were transcendental and absolute, we would have to be ABSOLUTE ATHEISTS". Take that: this man is the one leading the Church, the power behind the throne... The "serene and kneeling … More
Father Hardon: “Walter Kasper does not even believe in the Incarnation.”