And Coronavirus: Huge Amount Of Traffic, Standstill in Donations

Pope Francis remains sick, cancels Friday audiences

Pope Francis remained ill with an apparent cold on Friday — and canceled official audiences for a second day, Vatican officials announced. The 83-…
"There is no such official catholic entity as “pope” Francis." RAWWK said Thors Catholic Parrot. Every day, folks, every single day. :D
Perhaps the Chinese lady that grabbed his hand gave him the Wuhan flu....
One of the few European countries to have zero coronavirus cases is Hungary. Strange, it's almost like having strong border controls is a good thing.
At least now some respite will be given to Catholics persecuted by this hostile and vindictive antipope.
Jorge Bergoglio SJ is sick.
There is no such official catholic entity as “pope” Francis.
Is he trolling us?
He warned us not to troll, didn't he?