More Division: An “Ultra Progressive” and a “Super Liberal” Where Elected

Strong tensions arose during the Youth Synod (October 26) in the context of the election of the 16 members of the secretariat who will organise next year’s Amazon Synod, the Pro-Bergoglio daily …
Not offending the photographer but the green looks like a broccoli bunch and a white worm just coming from it’s side. Just like reality these broccoli worms become deadly moths. Wow spot the difference between creatures and the Vatican leader both eating away the green and the dry of the church.
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What @Prayhard said... but correcting it this way: "Two more [Jakob]FrankFags". Jakob Frank: chief of the shabbetian sect. Shabbetian: from the jewish antichrist of 1666 Shabbetai Tzevi, who, after being unmasked, invented the infiltration of the Church, the government, the muslim regimes, etc. by posind as a faithful Catholic, patriot, mahomedan, etc.
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Two more FrancisFags
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