The Strange Backstory of Why Francis Sacked Cardinal Sodano

December 13 was the day of Francis’ fiftieth priestly anniversary. Weeks before, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, 92, as the Dean of the College of Cardinals, suggested to Francis to celebrate this day with …
Dr Bobus
Sodano is a neo con--he opposed BXVI. His opposition, along with his cohort Cardinal Re, provided the circumstances for the election of Francis. He did not organize the pro Bergoglio camp.
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Sodano organized the uncanonical conclave of 2013 that saw the beginning of the Bergoglian antipapacy.
There has been a falling out between these vain ambitious prelates.
Sodano is suffering buyers remorse but the pretend pope is having none of it.
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Anti Papacy ? You mean you think the election was rigged ?