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Was the Retrieval Of The Pachamamas Staged?

Italian police published on October 26 pictures of three Pachamamas (below), which they had allegedly found in the Tiber. All of them were undamaged although they spent several days in the water. …
They’re mass produced tourist kitch, so getting more is never a problem.
There are two smaller and three large pachamamas but the small pachamama that is next to the black one is too small compared to the other three seen in the video.
That little pachamama has a seal on the foot that the little Pachamama in the video doesn't have.
The other three pachamamas have more or less the same size faces and in the police photo we see three pachamamas of different sizes.
One more comment from Gesù è con noi
The pachamamas allegedly found do not correspond to those thrown into the river.
Likely PF had a job lot of them.
If you look earlier in video there are 3 the same size.
Also pacha 5 has no extension to the back on its base unlike all the others in the police video. So 1, 2 and 3 are the only options that could correspond to the idols in police possession. 2 of the polices are on wire mount for the feet. Pacha 2 and 3 have no wire mount in the video.
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Police video? Where is the police video??