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Ein Mann opfert seinen Sohn

"MOST" in Czech means "bridge". Jesus Christ is the only bridge to eternal life. Have you received Jesus into your life?
its a wonderful film with a great message
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This was such a beautiful short film. Thank you for posting this. Where can I find more?
MILOSLAV PLETÁNEK mentioned this post in Obětoval svého syna, aby přežil celý vlak lidí - jako Bůh Otec obětoval svého Syna A man sacrifice….
People must be made aware of the tremendous Love that Our Dear Lord has for us. As to the subject of Holy Communion:...................................The public has not been told the entire story about this and must inform itself well. ...The Law of the Church is that a part of the Communion railing must remain for those who wish to receive, kneeling and on the tongue. ...These were the words … More
Was für ein schwachsinn-pseudo-religiöses Video! - Was soll uns das jetzt sagen? - Man kann das Leben von Menschen gegeneinander abwiegen? Ein Leben ist weniger wert als viele Leben? Masse geht vor Individuum? Schreckliches Video! Wenn man auf einem Floß sitzt und das kurz vorm Untergehen ist, wenn nicht einer weniger drauf sitzt, dann darf man einen runterstoßen, um die anderen zu retten???
Libor Halik
I am from Czech republic and I understand the parable of the film. God gave his only Son to save many of us. It was terrible for Him, for heavenly Father. And it is horrible also today, when so many people receive his Son in the holy communion sacrilegiously without love. It is very often. We very often murder Jesus Christ today. We murder our children through an abortion and abortional … More
... very sad for this Papa ... God help him!

God bless the soul of his dear passed away loved once!
Wirklich bewegend.