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Austrian Bishop: You Can Neither Bless Gay Pseudo-Marriages Nor Concentration Camps

Replying to Munich Cardinal Marx' proposal to "bless" gay pseudo-marriages, retired Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun pointed out that sin, including brothels or concentration camps, cannot be … mentioned this post in Greetings from Gomorrah: Cardinal Schönborn Did What “A Militant Gay Man Would Have Done”.
Joseph a' Christian
@Klaus Gamber You have plenty of work for Lent, you express yourself exaktly as people of the world.
I have been studying our great Church for approximately 10 years now, it has been wonderful, very interesting, the more i have learned, the more deeply grateful I am to Almighty God
Our Church history is incredibly dynamic. Yet, this current era is heartbreaking. Years back i worked at a Francis… More
Joseph a Christian, remember mans will can be a most deadly adversary.
My dear brother in all things God must be obeyed and Loved.
Joseph a Christian: it seems to me that scripture tells us to keep and Love the baby.
The Holy and Blessed virgin Mary is a good example. When she went to visit Elizabeth who was already 6 months pregnant, as Mary greeted Elizabeth the very sound of Mary's voice caused the child (not fetus) to lept for joy, Elizabeth tells us with great conviction. Elizabeth already 6 months pregnant in her old … More
Joseph a Christian if you can post a link I am having a hard time finding the article thanks
Joseph a Christian thank you for bring this to my attention. No I did not see the article posted by tesa but I will review it if I can find it. Thank you again for sharing with me truth and exposing deceit and lies.
Joseph a Christian well put. Francis once again proves himself to be an apostate and a heretic. He has betrayed the fathers of the church and even more betrayed Jesus. The talmud the Kabbalah and the midrash are evil and I thank you and Bless you for bring that to light. In Jesus is freedom in man is inordinate freedom that is freedom that is displaced. God Bless you Joseph a True cahistian
Joseph a' Christian
@Josephmary We were just writing of the evils of the jews and their hate filled books, the Talmud.
Did you see the artikle just posted by Tesa, of the jew rabbis that Bergoglio has appointed to a committee on abortion?
It's so absurd that in any other era, anti-Christ jews advising a "pope" would of course be a joke.

Jesus Is Freedom.
Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun you can't win as a Novus Ordo priest supporter of over 201 heresies of vatican 2 and the deliberate desecration of all the sacraments. It will not help you at all claiming what can be Blessed or CANNOT be blessed. You are not a priest or bishop you do not have Holy Orders. You are invalid. As a Novus Ordo priest you are a heretic and an apostate. Therefore you are … More
Sin is sin anywhere ,anytime anyhow ,