Francis behaviour towards known homosexuals

Action speaks louder than words.
@Jim Dorchak St John teaches us that Jesus Christ is "The Word"

St John writes "The Word became FLESH and came and dwelt amongst us"
In the Aramaic Targum version of the Hebrew Texts - we can see whom "the Word " is. He is a Divine personality making lots of appearances throughout the Old Testament. The Aramaic for "The Word" is " Memra" & throughout the Targums ,"The Word" is shown to be a … More
A picture says a thousand million words.
Nothing need be said. Agreed!
McCarrick was his roving ambassador, but it was kept unofficial and deniable except that the Iranian and other diplomatic actions are noted elsewhere. See American Spectator.
Jim Dorchak
@CarolineA03 I have to wonder if Our Lord God and Savior would call "Raining down Brim Stone and fire", accompaniment or mercy.... my guess is mercy.
Christ's behaviour towards known homosexuals.

"And the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrha brimstone and fire from the Lord out of Heaven."
[Genesis 19:24]