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Miss Maria

Catholics and Protestants

Michael Voris in The One True Faith.
I have to disagree. Our eternal soul will spend eternity in either heaven or hell. I can not trust any human being with my eternal soul and I do not think God would have me do that, as a matter of fact, many places in the Holy Bible it speaks against putting your trust in man.
Yes, there are many liberal Protestant churches that do not follow the clear teachings of the Holy Bible, but on the … More
Miss Maria
Hola brother Ruben!!

Good to see you again on Gloria! I'll fill you in on who Michael Voris is! Very funny w/the angel sculpture joke though, gotta love a good sense of humor!

Ahora te cuento!
Ruben: Welcome to the forum on Michael
Ruben my man!! Hi!! Michael Voris is the commentator on this film seated on the stool with the literature to his left..
Miss Maria
que bien ACL! I am still going to try to find some more info on M Voris to post so that our fellow Protestant brothers can see that what he states is supported and thus fueling the fire within them to learn more about our Faith.

Sometimes when we hold something true in our hearts we so desperately want others to see it and feel it and realize it that our passions… More
Maria!! Carinia!! That is what I was after from all of my fellow Catholics out there... Thanks you! At last a reasonable soul...

I now understand where the Vortex and Mr Voris is coming from: Education of the Choir [so to speak ] before singing for the masses! Excellent!! We now understand each other rather well my dear!

But on the other hand, as you say, many of the "us" of whom … More
Miss Maria
Dear Brother ACL

I completely understand your side in the sense of us having to have corroborating evidence to support our opinions especially when displayed in the media and to so many. I think, and this is just my opinion, is that Mr. Voris is first trying to educate "us" and bring back our common understanding of what the Catholic church is. What I like about him is his "passion" … More
Ok Maria, 'chica '. I do agree with Mr Voris. However, still he gives no corroborating evidence.... yes WE believe this, but what of the Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians and Bapatists et al, who look or watch at this? It is tantamount to me saying to my fellows, "Look here! I am saying that the hamburger is well done", [we all accept that it is], but others looking on, who enjoy a … More
m sr a
Der Heilige Geist sagt mir ... ja, das kann sein.

Alle Gaben sind zum Aufbau der Kirche.

Individualismus kann nicht von Heiligen Geist gefördert sein, denn sonst gäbe es nie eine Kirche. Sie lehrt Wahrheit. Jesus ist die Wahrheit.

Höhre, Israel, der H'rr, dein G'tt, der H'rr ist eins
Miss Maria: And in the White corner. We have Mr. Voris. He will be fighting tonight, undefeated...his record is 200-0. And in the Black corner we have Mr. ACLumsden his record is 0-0

One fighter is out actually doing something in this world, to Evangelize, and the other fighter thinks he is out doing something. lol lol … More
Miss Maria
who me??? I just like M Voris ha ha I am trying to bring something other than the Vortex in. I like his program the one true faith but i esepcially like to get others input on our media.

Miss Maria: You couldn't resist could you. lol