New Personal Secretary Of Francis

Francis appointed the Uruguayan Father Gonzalo Aemilius, 40, as new Personal Secretary. Francis and Aemilius, who allegedly worked with street children, know each other since 2006. Aemilius grew up …
The new Gaswein since the latter is tarnished by "Bookgate"?
Ganswein is prefect of the papal household.
Oddly but tellingingly he also keeps Pope Benedict under a form of house arrest at the bidding of antipope Bergoglio.
This latest flunkie Gonzalo has a different function which is to manufacture credible deceits for his thug boss.
Not in function, but I meant as in the "pretty face" of papal household to the media-conscious world. Remember Gaswein was on the cover of GQ!
...and now, quite coincidentally, the Vatican selects a "personal secretary" who, with a good stylist, could model for Armani.
It is no accident that an antipope like Bergoglio surrounds himself with nauseating sychophants who worship him both from fear and loyalty based on deceit.
Catholics should pray that this wicked antipope be removed as soon as possible.
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The personal secretary ot the Pope should not dress like the sort of tennis instructor favored by rich, bored, middle-aged women.
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What matters is not how a weird flunkey dresses but that as expected , weird flunkey priest acknowledges, as do you , the latest and most poisonous antipope yet to emerge within the Catholic Church.
Some of the popes history now calls the "bad popes" have Francis beat. You'd know that if you studied history with the same enthusiasm you have for vilifying Pope Francis with factually bereft bold text hyperbole. The irony is, that while I acknowledge Pope Francis is the Pope (just as Benedict was the Pope), that doesn't in any way change my personal dislike of his agenda.