Bishop Tobin: Mandela's support for abortion "shameful."

ROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence weighed in on Nelson Mandela's death by calling his support for abortion "shameful." Bishop Thomas Tobin, in a statement posted Sunda…
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No Mr. Taylor, if you haven't notice yet by all the erratic messages dressed in beautiful words by the Bishop of Rome, you would've noticed that he is doing things on his own, just by all the interviews without the watchful Vatican to filter down his messages, I mean it's all Him.
Is the Pope stupid, or is he advised by useless idiots. How can Christ's Vicar on earth praise a murderer of innocent children, yet unborn???

The diabolical clearly is in the Vatican.
Almighty God send us a Pope worthy of your service and who is truly humble. Amen.