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Neoconservative Steubenville Declines Fast: Mother of God “Had Sex”

Stephen Lewis, the chair of the English department at the neoconservative Franciscan University of Steubenville (FUS), assigned his students in spring 2018 the book “The Kingdom: A Novel”, by the …
First Things Mag has promoted the book, too.
placing such images in one's mind -- and if you've ever been stupid enough to look at pornography, they're even more evocative -- and then immediately suggesting the Blessed Virgin did the same?
Dr Bobus
Is the course title Less than mediocre contemporary novels?
At the very least, the professor should be tarred and feathered then thrown into the river
This professor has been possessed.
Jim Dorchak
I thought Stubenville was a catholic school? I guess not! So write that one off the list of potential schools ALL of your kids.
Stephen Lewis
Professor and Chair of English Department
(740) 284-5332
It is really discusting this "NEOCONSERVATIVE HERESIES "how can a person like this allowed to spill such venon towards our Lady , this person is a coward ,i would like to see him ,say stupid things like this about a"muslin profet"
This guy could teach "Che" how to insult and undermine the dogma of Mary. God must be very angry with these two.
As Michael Voris said yesterday this battle must be faced by our brave young Catholics, who must face red or white martyrdom. We must remember that God vomits the lukewarm, it is the duty of all of us Catholics to defend our faith in the public arena regardless of the persecution we will experience.…/steubenville-en…

Message to Seminarians and Young Men

Go out and … More
Pray for my brothers and sisters who are walking puppets of demons, Hell is hot!!!