The revolution eats its own. Jenni Murray no-platformed by Oxford University students for being "transmisogynist". Where will this madness end?

Jenni Murray pulls out of Oxford talk after students try to 'no platform' her over 'transphobic' …

Jenni Murray has pulled out of a talk at Oxford University after LGBTQ+ students claimed that she is “transphobic” and attempted to “no platform” …
The old harridans don't like what they unleashed. Serves them right.
alex j
Well done [the now infamous] Oxford University you have lowered your standard to the gutter level of academia and proudly tell the world that you now are the champion of immoral stupidity! Your illogical claim of "inclusiveness", is just that, illogical! So called 'Transgender' students, all three of them, dictating University policies??? That must be the joke of the century! Tax payers money … More