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Drunk in the Spirit?

Francis Admits, "We Chased the Alluring Glow of Power" Yesterday, during his Epiphany homily, Pope Francis admitted – quote, "How many times have we chased the alluring glow of power and the limeligh… More
Holy Cannoli
What happened to the “Keine nackten Kunden” story?
Did the subject matter of the story (naked schnitzel) so upset the wonderful news presenters that they accidentally switched the German with the English?
Col. Buckshot
Thank-you for your continued work.
May God please Bless you with the greatest abundance!
May Our Lady Cover you with Her Mantle of Protection!
May St. Joseph ever Guard you!
Jim Dorchak
I like that the Gloria.TV news shows up on the desk top, and I wish it did on the mobile app. I did not see this video was up until today.
Holy Cannoli
Drunk in the Spirit?

Somebody wasn’t thinking. What the unnamed minister should have done is to call his wife into the sacristy on that Christmas Eve and had her drink the consecrated wine.

This would have:

1. permitted the unnamed minster to remain a non-drinker
2. would have allowed the same unnamed minster to drive his car and not have his wife drive
3. would likely … More
All of U.S. Congress must swear allegiance to Israel (jews) if they want to stay in office. No such thing as a U.S. Catholic politician or judge. Many are Opus Dei. JFK had to renounce his Catholic faith to become president.