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Bishop Changes - Calls Homosexuals Now to "Conversion", "Change of Life"

Los Angeles Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron was confronted at a Youth Synod press conference (October 12) with his 2017 statement according to which homosexuals are “beloved children of God” and the …
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evil deceives
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Okay, that's a step in the right direction. Next step, call for an end to this Synod!
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So destructive, is the enemy who pretends to be a friend.

Almost Christian, is NOT Christian at all.

False Bishop Barron, and his belief/hope and preaching of an empty hell, contradicts our Holy Teacher: Jesus proclaimed, the road to hell is wide, and most people travel it.
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Bishop Barron needs to break his love affair with "popularity and human respect."
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Bishops' Robert Barron "reasonable hope that all will be saved" is at odds with the Virgin Mary who said at Fatima in 1917, "More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason. " Sr Lucia, the last living Fatima seer, said this refers primarily to sins against chastity, also called sins of impurity.
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Charismatic but utterly superficial, very much someone who wants holds the weak V2 get-along attitude to this sinful world.
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