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Pope Benedict is completely mentally lucid and sharp, and speaks and moves between multiple languages (that my contact eyewitnessed) with complete facility.

Eyewitness testimony: Pope Benedict is perfectly mentally lucid | Barnhardt

I had a face-to-face conversation yesterday with a person who had an audience with Pope Benedict XVI in Rome less than two weeks ago. Pope Benedict …
Pope Benedict is our Pope.
Very reassuring. Unfortunately for The Church, he decided to quit. None of us would be living through the Francis Years if it were otherwise.
That includes all VII "popes". They recruit evil modernists like themselves because they believe they know better than the pre-vatican II Church.
Here is an answer ( Ann Barnhardt is a Liar and a Fool. By John Salza)…
I becoming to believe JPII and BXVI Strategically placed bad Bishops in the church to destroy her from within ,diabolical geniuses!