Will German Money Make the "Pope of the Poor" Abolish Celibacy?

“Perhaps we’ll soon have more married priests,” Thomas Sternberg told DomRadio.de (March 10). According to him "a lot has changed" in the Vatican. Sternberg is the president of the anti-Catholic
German money makes the world go round
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You still have doubts? Wait for it......It will happen until the faithful wake up. Will Jesus find any faith when he returns? That is the question.
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God is not sleeping ,are you ?????
The attacks on our church are coming from hundreds of angles...Theses devils have stuck thier knifes into the back of the church. Like a wounded bear the church is bleeding but in one single strike, all the hyenas will be killed!!!

The church militant will always win in the end!!! Without us there is no them...
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