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Italian Interior Minister Versus Francis: “My Pope Is Benedict”

In September 2016, the eloquent Italian politician Matteo Salvini presented himself to journalists holding a T-shirt criticising Pope Francis' modernism and pro-mass-immigration propaganda. In the … mentioned this post in Francis’ [Pro-Gay] Partisans Blast Pro-Crucifix Bill in Italy.
Don't care... he wasn't perfect, even Peter denied Jesus, but came back to his senses @alexj... Benedict tried to push latin again, tried to make things right and for many it was too late, but hey, most of you can weep and weep the vatican 2 horror show or do the right thing, work your salvation with fear and tremble, pray for this freemason to be signal out by what's left of the Church and … More
alex j
I understand the rationale behind the T-shirt slogan however, it seems to me that pope francis [lower casing intentional] is only the "evolution" of Vatican 2. All the Popes, from John XX111 down to our current poor excuse for a pope, have in their turn, intentionally, or otherwise, undermined the faith . All five - I have omitted Pope John Paul 1 for obvious reasons - are, by degree , … More