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"Lots of Americans"

Rep. Omar: "Lots of Americans" agree with me that Trump is blackmailing Sen. Graham over his homosexuality
Rep.Omar ,Re . Lindsay Graham ,her proof is her opinion , shows a very poor mentality ,,we dont know his private life ,re, Kavanaugh for supreme court judge Lindsay shows that he is courageous and stands firm for what is right
Lindsay Graham is a criminal and a rino. This is nothing new.

This is the moslem woman who married her brother to get U.S. citizenship. Moslems lie. It's called taqiya. Moslem politician that wants inclusiveness? Sharia law.
Muslims come off as very reasonable and kind but really her allegience is to the prophet M, and her barbaric religion and Sharia. And why is she permitted to wear the Hijab?
Don't forget these moslem politicians swear in on the koran. A book of lies and satan worship.
Jim Dorchak
Lots of Americans know she’s a little nutty.