Francis’ Failed “Reforms”: Another Financial Scandal in the Vatican

Five Vatican staff members have been suspended from duty in the morning of October 2, according to a Vatican police document published by the Italian magazine Espresso. They are, • Monsignor Mauro …
God is not sleeping
Vatican has been infiltrated?
The Church Militant will remove these reptiles, with hooks in theirs mouths and dragged into the public streets!’nn likes this.
The average Catholic in the parish 1 does not know, 2 doesn't care. 3 evil keeps moving forward.
4, God is always in control and nothing, I mean nothing in this world moves forward unless God gives it permission.
In other words, I leaf outside will not move unless God wills it!!!
Evil has to always ask permission to lift one finger!!!
Remember this and never forget it!!!
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Homoheretics=financial corruption.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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Remember, Cardinal Pell was suddenly a lifelong pedophile after finding billions in the Vatican
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Someone is going to get slimed by Team Francis. likes this.
Ultimately, there will be
No one left but team Francis to get slimed...this is why evil can never win...