Angry Bishop Accuses His Own Faithful of “Ignorance”, “Bigotry”

On the eve of a 29 April “interfaith” celebration in Cairns Cathedral, Australia, when a Buddhist “His Holiness” gave a “blessing”, fifteen Catholics prayed a rosary of reparation outside the …
His "Faithful" (at least the ones who care about such blasphemies) should immediately cease any tithing/ financial support to the diocese. Men like this listen to their accountant much more readily than they listen to God.
Another to add to the appalling V2 bishop file. Sadly since JP2 prayed with pagans at Assisi, this public sacrilege appears acceptable. It isn't. Pray for the return of this bishops, and others, to the Holy Faith. God bless those Catholics for their witness.
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Thank you Cardinal Ratzinger for your lobbying efforts at VII in support of Ecumanism, and JPII for that matter. Garbage in - garbage out.
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Tony M
Foley has been a raving, radical liberal for decades. He is the one who does not follow Catholic Church teaching. Like Francis by my estimation he too is a heretic.
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Tony M
Meant to say 'he seems to be a heretic like Francis is a heretic'.
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They're carrying out the NWO/ Freemason's mission of integrating Roman Catholic Church into One World Government church. Their souls are in great danger.