Notre Dame willing to cover up Columbus mural but not graphic porn

January 30, 2019 ( Sycamore Trust ) – Two Notre Dame events that have received widespread publicity recently stand in strange juxtaposit...
Willing to cover up Columbus? John Jenkins was willing to cover up Catholic iconography for the pro-abort, pro-homosexual, pro-muslim Barack Obama and give him an honorary degree. (As did the 'Novus Ordo' Georgetown University). Novus Ordo, indeed.
Don Reto Nay likes this.
Another post Catholic college that went full tilt into Conciliar indifferentism after 'Land O' the Lakes.'
....and the university is named after Our Lady
Pray for him,his time is running out. He’ll awaits the damned...
Columbus helped bring Christ to the pagans of the Americas yet for Fr. Jenkins this was "nothing short of a catastrophe."
Would be nice if some clergy believe the Truth