Today's gift for Francis

The head was offered to Pope Francis by a participant today at the congress of the Catholic Biblical Federation. (Vatican Media photo)·…/112178454998861… The "Gates of Hell" are generally regarded by traditional theologians to mean Heresy.

So, in reality, if Francis *is* Pope, then the Gates of Hell would appear to have prevailed. likes this.
This is not a surprise...wait for the best likes this.
First he kissed muslims, then licks their shoes. Finally he joins them. Heaven give us a Catholic pope. St Michael defend us in battle.
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Manipulated by a den of vipers all around him
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It suits him! likes this.
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Now just point him toward mecca and he'll be happy as a clam!

If somebody gave him a Cappello Romano he'd probably refuse it likes this.
A turban? Superb choice. Definitely more in keeping with his spiritual views. and one more user like this. likes this.
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He made himself look like somebody's grandmother. Fool. likes this.
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