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Francis: A Real "Schism" Is Under Way - But Only In Politics

Humanity encounters "serious difficulties", writes Pope Francis in a letter to the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life (dated January 6). According to Francis, the cleavage between the "…
@mamecc - well stated! This all occurred prior to VII Council when the "liturgical reformers" started to modify the liturgy and slowly introduce a protestant schema. They removed the structure of the Old Rite and setup the liturgy as a symbolic memorial of the Last Supper. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was destroyed. This is where the real Schism occurred.
Marie Julie Jahenny - who has not been canonised due to the accurate, fulfilled prophecies Heaven gave her, relating to our heathen clergy, and superimposed modern false-church, stated in 1902 that Our Lord gave us due warning l that a "New Mass" containing words "Odious" to His ears would be created by those enemies who were "not of His Gospel" .... It is a well-known clearly fulfilled Prophecy,… More
... and this is all part of a strategic scheme .. the word "schism" has to be banalized and not taken seriously so that when the real " schism" flares up and erupts, all will take it as not being to serious, as a grain of salt, and not see the real signification, consequences and grave outcome it's going to be poured down on the Catholic Church, and the whole world .. a disintegration of … More
Jim Dorchak
Only in Politics? Well THE POPE should NOT care about politics... only souls and their SALVATION!
So where is the schism again?